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[noht-wur-th ee] /ˈnoʊtˌwɜr ði/

of notice or attention; notable; remarkable:
a noteworthy addition to our collection of rare books.
worthy of notice; notable

1550s, from note (v.) + worthy. Related: Noteworthiness.


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  • Not feel oneself

    see: not oneself

  • Not for all the tea in china

    Not at any price, never, as in I wouldn’t give up my car, not for all the tea in China. This term originated in Australia and alludes to the presumed huge quantity of tea in China. [ Late 1800s ] Also see: not for love or money

  • Not for a moment

    Never, not in the least, as in Not for a moment did I believe he was telling the truth. This expression employs moment in the sense of “the tiniest length of time,” a usage dating from the mid-1300s.

  • Not for love or money

    Never, under no circumstances, as in I’d never visit them again, not for love or money. A version of this expression, which alludes to these two powerful persuasive forces, was recorded in a.d. 971.

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