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Nothing to speak of

Not much, nothing worth mentioning, as in What’s been happening in the stock market?—Nothing to speak of, or They’ve done nothing to speak of about publicity. This expression was first recorded in 1582.


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  • Nothing to write home about

    noun phrase A very ordinary or mediocre person or thing; nothing special; no great shakes: His pitch was nothing to write home about (1914+) Ordinary or unremarkable, as in The restaurant was all right but nothing to write home about. This idiom originated in the late 1800s, possibly among troops stationed far from home, and […]

  • Nothing will come of nothing

    You will gain nothing if you invest nothing. This saying is spoken by the title character in the play King Lear, by William Shakespeare. King Lear is telling his daughter Cordelia that she will gain no favors from him if she does not make elaborate speeches saying she loves him.

  • Not hurt a fly

    Also, not hurt a flea. Not cause harm to anyone, be gentle and mild, as in Paul’s the kindest man—he wouldn’t hurt a flea, or Bert has a temper but it’s all talk; he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Both fly and flea are used in the sense of “a small insignificant animal.” [ Early 1800s […]

  • Notice

    [noh-tis] /ˈnoʊ tɪs/ noun 1. an announcement or intimation of something impending; warning: a day’s notice. 2. a note, placard, or the like conveying information or a warning: to post a notice about the fire laws. 3. information or warning of something, especially for wide attention: to give notice of one’s departure. 4. a notification […]

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