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[noh-shuh-nl] /ˈnoʊ ʃə nl/

pertaining to or expressing a notion or idea.
of the nature of a notion or idea:
a notional response to the question.
abstract, theoretical, or speculative, as reflective thought.
not real or actual; ideal or imaginary:
to create a notional world for oneself.
given to or full of foolish or fanciful ideas or moods.

Semantics. belonging to a class of words that express clear concepts rather than relations between concepts; presentive.
Compare (def 3), (def 4).
relating to, expressing, or consisting of notions or ideas
not evident in reality; hypothetical or imaginary: a notional tax credit
characteristic of a notion or concept, esp in being speculative or imaginary; abstract


“pertaining to notions,” 1590s, from notion + -al (earlier nocional, late 14c., from Medieval Latin notionalis). Meaning “full of whims” is from 1791. Grammatical sense is from 1928 (Jespersen); economics use is from 1958.


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