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an extinct Pleistocene rhinoceros-sized marsupial of the genus Nototherium, related to the wombats


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  • Notoungulate

    [noh-toh-uhng-gyuh-lit, -leyt] /ˌnoʊ toʊˈʌŋ gyə lɪt, -ˌleɪt/ noun 1. one of the herbivorous, hoofed mammals of the extinct order Notoungulata, best known from the Paleocene to the Pleistocene Epochs of South America. adjective 2. belonging or pertaining to the Notoungulata.

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    /ˈnəʊtə/ adjective 1. (Scots law) short for notorious

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    noun 1. (Scots law) a bankrupt who has failed to discharge his or her debts within the days of grace allowed by the court

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    verb phrase To be unappealing or unconvincing for one: I like the idea, but it may not play for you (1990s+)

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