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Noun adjunct

a noun that occurs before and modifies another noun, as toy in toy store or tour in tour group.


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  • Attributively

    pertaining to or having the character of or an . Grammar. of or relating to an adjective or noun that is directly adjacent to, in English usually preceding, the noun it modifies, without any intervening linking verb, as the adjective sunny in a sunny day or the noun television in a television screen. Grammar. an […]

  • Attributor

    to regard as resulting from a specified cause; consider as caused by something indicated (usually followed by to): She attributed his bad temper to ill health. to consider as a quality or characteristic of the person, thing, group, etc., indicated: He attributed intelligence to his colleagues. to consider as made by the one indicated, especially […]

  • Attrit

    to wear down (an opposing military force) by numerical superiority in troops or firepower. verb (US, slang) (transitive) -trits, -tritting, -tritted to wear down or dispose of gradually to kill v. 1956, U.S. Air Force back-formation from attrition which attained currency during the Vietnam War. (A 17c. attempt at a verb produced attrite). Related: Attrited; […]

  • Attrite

    Also, attrited. worn by rubbing or attrition. to make smaller by attrition. adj. “worn down,” 1620s, from Latin attritus, past participle of atterere (see attrition).

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