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[nur-i-shing, nuhr-] /ˈnɜr ɪ ʃɪŋ, ˈnʌr-/

promoting or sustaining life, growth, or strength:
a nourishing diet.
[nur-ish, nuhr-] /ˈnɜr ɪʃ, ˈnʌr-/
verb (used with object)
to sustain with food or nutriment; supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth.
to cherish, foster, keep alive, etc.:
He had long nourished the dream of living abroad.
to strengthen, build up, or promote:
to nourish discontent among the workers; to nourish the arts in one’s community.
verb (transitive)
to provide with the materials necessary for life and growth
to support or encourage (an idea, feeling, etc); foster: to nourish resentment

late 14c., past participle adjective from nourish (v.).

late 13c., “to bring up, nurture” (a child, a feeling, etc.), from Old French norriss-, stem of norrir “raise, bring up, nurture, foster; maintain, provide for” (12c., Modern French nourrir), from Latin nutrire “to feed, nurse, foster, support, preserve,” from *nutri (older form of nutrix “nurse”), literally “she who gives suck,” from PIE *nu- (from root *(s)nau- “to swim, flow, let flow,” hence “to suckle;” see nutriment) + fem. agent suffix. Related: Nourished; nourishing.

nourish nour·ish (nûr’ĭsh, nŭr’-)
v. nour·ished, nour·ish·ing, nour·ish·es
To provide with food or other substances necessary for sustaining life and growth.


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