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[noo-voh-tey] /nu voʊˈteɪ/

noun, plural nouveautés
[noo-voh-tey] /nu voʊˈteɪ/ (Show IPA). French.
newness; novelty.


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  • Nouvelle

    [noo-vel] /nuˈvɛl/ adjective 1. pertaining to or characteristic of nouvelle cuisine. [noo-vel] /nuˈvɛl/ plural noun, French. 1. . adjective new, modern Word Origin French n. “short fictitious narrative dealing with a single situation or aspect of a character,” 1670s, French nouvelle (11c.), literally “new” (see novel (adj.)).

  • Nouvelle-cuisine

    [noo-vel kwee-zeen] /nu vɛl kwiˈzin/ noun, (sometimes initial capital letters) French. 1. a modern style of French cooking that emphasizes the use of the finest and freshest ingredients simply and imaginatively prepared, often with fresh herbs, the artful arrangement and presentation of food, and the use of reduced stocks in place of flour-thickened sauces. /ˈnuːvɛl […]

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    [noo-vel] /nuˈvɛl/ plural noun, French. 1. .

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    [noo-vel vag] /nu vɛl ˈvag/ noun, plural nouvelles vagues [noo-vel vag] /nu vɛl ˈvag/ (Show IPA). French. 1. a new wave, trend, movement, phase, etc., especially in an art form. 2. the films of a group of young French and Italian filmmakers, beginning in the late 1950s, who emphasized conscious manipulation of film techniques and […]

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