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(derogatory) a style of writing characteristic of poor novels


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  • Novelette

    [nov-uh-let] /ˌnɒv əˈlɛt/ noun 1. a brief or long short story. /ˌnɒvəˈlɛt/ noun 1. an extended prose narrative story or short novel 2. a novel that is regarded as being slight, trivial, or sentimental 3. a short piece of lyrical music, esp one for the piano

  • Novelettish

    /ˌnɒvəˈlɛtɪʃ/ adjective 1. characteristic of a novelette; trite or sentimental

  • Novelist

    [nov-uh-list] /ˈnɒv ə lɪst/ noun 1. a person who writes . /ˈnɒvəlɪst/ noun 1. a writer of novels n. “writer of novels,” 1728, hybrid from novel (n.) + -ist. Influenced by Italian novellista. Earlier in English, it meant “an innovator” (1580s).

  • Novelistic

    [nov-uh-lis-tik] /ˌnɒv əˈlɪs tɪk/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or characteristic of . /ˌnɒvəˈlɪstɪk/ adjective 1. of or characteristic of novels, esp in style or method of treatment: his novelistic account annoyed other historians

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