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[naw-vee sahd] /ˈnɔ vi ˈsɑd/

a city in and the capital of Vojvodina, in Serbia, on the Danube.
[voi-vuh-din-uh, ‐dee-nuh] /ˈvɔɪ vəˌdɪn ə, ‐ˌdi nə/
an autonomous province within Serbia. 8303 sq. mi. (21,506 sq. km).
Capital: Novi Sad.
/Serbian ˈvɔjvɔdina/
an autonomous region of Serbia, in the N. Capital: Novi Sad. Pop: 2 024 487 (2002). Area: 22 489 sq km (8683 sq miles)
/Serbian ˈnɔviː ˈsaːd/
a port in Serbia, in the NE on the River Danube: founded in 1690 as the seat of the Serbian patriarch; university (1960). Pop: 234 151 (2002) German name Neusatz


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