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abbreviation (in New Zealand)
National Qualifications Authority


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    [noh-vee-air-oh, -vuh l-yair-oh; Spanish naw-vee-ye-raw, -lye-] /ˌnoʊ viˈɛər oʊ, -vəlˈyɛər oʊ; Spanish ˌnɔ viˈyɛ rɔ, -ˈlyɛ-/ noun, plural novilleros [noh-vee-air-ohz, -vuh l-yair-ohz; Spanish naw-vee-ye-raws, -lye-] /ˌnoʊ viˈɛər oʊz, -vəlˈyɛər oʊz; Spanish ˌnɔ viˈyɛ rɔs, -ˈlyɛ-/ (Show IPA) 1. a young bullfighter who has not yet been named a matador.

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    1. National Research Council. 2. . abbreviation (in Canada) 1. National Research Council 1. National Recycling Coalition 2. National Research Council 3. [United States Coast Guard] National Response Center 4. nonreusable container 5. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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