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National Science Foundation Network
National Science Foundation Network


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  • NSFW

    1. not safe/suitable for work: used in an email or other electronic communication as a warning that it contains or links to pornographic, offensive, or other content unsuitable for viewing at work or in public places. 1. not safe for work 2. not suitable for work

  • Nsg

    abbreviation 1. (Brit, education) nonstatutory guidelines: practical nonmandatory advice and information on the implementation of the National Curriculum Nuclear Suppliers Group

  • Nsgc

    National Society of Genetic Counselors, Inc.

  • N-shell

    [en-shel] /ˈɛnˌʃɛl/ noun, Physics. 1. the fourth shell of electrons surrounding the nucleus of an atom and containing, when filled, 32 electrons having principal quantum number 4.

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