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[nuhb-lee] /ˈnʌb li/

adjective, nubblier, nubbliest.
full of small protuberances.
in the form of small lumps.


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  • Nubby

    [nuhb-ee] /ˈnʌb i/ adjective, nubbier, nubbiest. 1. having ; knobby or lumpy. /ˈnʌbɪ/ adjective 1. having small lumps or protuberances; knobbly adj. 1876, from nub + -y (2).

  • Nubecula

    /njuːˈbɛkjʊlə/ noun (pl) -lae (-liː) 1. See Magellanic Cloud

  • Nubia

    [noo-bee-uh, nyoo-] /ˈnu bi ə, ˈnyu-/ noun 1. a light, knitted woolen head scarf for women. [noo-bee-uh, nyoo-] /ˈnu bi ə, ˈnyu-/ noun 1. a region in S Egypt and the Sudan, N of Khartoum, extending from the Nile to the Red Sea. 2. Kingdom of, an ancient state in Nubia, 2000 b.c.–a.d. 3. Lake. […]

  • Nubian

    [noo-bee-uh n, nyoo-] /ˈnu bi ən, ˈnyu-/ noun 1. a member of any of the various peoples inhabiting . 2. the Nilo-Saharan language of the Nubians. 3. a Nubian or black slave. 4. a Nubian horse. adjective 5. of, relating to, or characteristic of , its people, or their language. /ˈnjuːbɪən/ noun 1. a native […]

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