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(def 4).
a reaction in which two nuclei combine to form a nucleus with the release of energy Sometimes shortened to fusion Compare nuclear fission See also thermonuclear reaction


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  • Nuclear hyaloplasm

    nuclear hyaloplasm n. See karyolymph.

  • Nuclear inclusion body

    nuclear inclusion body n. Either of two types of usually acidophilic inclusion bodies: granular or hyaline, as in herpes simplex, and circumscribed, as in poliomyelitis. Also called nucleoid.

  • Nuclearism

    [noo-klee-uh-riz-uh m, nyoo- or, by metathesis, -kyuh-luh-] /ˈnu kli əˌrɪz əm, ˈnyu- or, by metathesis, -kyə lə-/ noun 1. a political philosophy maintaining that weapons are the best means of assuring peace and of attaining political goals.

  • Nuclear-isomer

    noun, Physics. 1. (def 2). noun 1. the more formal name for isomer (sense 2)

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