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Nuclear testing

The testing of nuclear weapons. (See Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.)

The testing of atomic bombs by exploding them either above or below ground. (See Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.)


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  • Nuclear threshold

    noun 1. the point in war at which a combatant brings nuclear weapons into use noun the point during a conflict or war at which the use of nuclear weapons is chosen

  • Nuclear umbrella

    noun the nuclear weapons of one country seen as protection for its allies

  • Nuclear-warhead

    noun 1. a warhead containing a fission or fusion bomb.

  • Nuclear-waste

    noun 1. . noun 1. the radioactive by-products from the operation of a nuclear reactor or from the reprocessing of depleted nuclear fuel. noun 1. another name for radioactive waste noun 1. any waste material containing radionuclides Also called nuclear waste Radioactive materials that may be left after a commercial or laboratory process has been […]

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