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[noo j] /nʊdʒ/

verb (used with or without object), noun
2 .
[noo j] /nʊdʒ/
verb (used with object), nudged, nudging.
to annoy with persistent complaints, criticisms, or pleas; nag:
He was always nudging his son to move to a better neighborhood.
verb (used without object), nudged, nudging.
to nag, whine, or carp.
a person who nudges; pest.
verb (transitive)
to push or poke (someone) gently, esp with the elbow, to get attention; jog
to push slowly or lightly: as I drove out, I just nudged the gatepost
to give (someone) a gentle reminder or encouragement
a gentle poke or push
a gentle reminder

“to push slightly with the elbow,” 1670s, perhaps from Scandinavian (cf. Norwegian nugge, nyggje “to jostle, rub;” Icelandic nugga “to rub, massage”). Related: Nudged; nudging.

“complainer, nagger,” 1960s, from Yiddish, from Slavic words meaning “fret, ache,” realted to the root of nudnik (q.v.).

“a slight push,” 1836, from nudge (v.).


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