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[nuh-food] /nəˈfud/



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  • Nug

    NUG abbr. necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis

  • Nugacious

    [noo-gey-shuh s, nyoo-] /nuˈgeɪ ʃəs, nyu-/ adjective 1. trivial; unimportant or insignificant; nugatory.

  • Nugacity

    [noo-gas-i-tee, nyoo-] /nuˈgæs ɪ ti, nyu-/ noun, plural nugacities for 2. 1. triviality; insignificance. 2. something insignificant or inconsequential; a trifle.

  • Nugae

    [noo-gahy; English noo-jee, nyoo-] /ˈnu gaɪ; English ˈnu dʒi, ˈnyu-/ plural noun, Latin. 1. .

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