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a method of measurement using an electrical device, as a Wheatstone bridge, in which the quantity to be measured is balanced by an opposing known quantity that is varied until the resultant of the two is zero.


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  • Null modem

    communications, hardware A cable, especially an EIA-232 cable, for connecting serial ports on two computers directly, rather than via modems. Since, according to the specification, both computers should transmit on pin three of their EIA-232 connectors and receive on pin two, a null modem cable needs to connect one computer’s pin two to the other’s […]

  • Nullo

    [nuhl-oh] /ˈnʌl oʊ/ noun, plural nullos. 1. (in certain card games) a bid to take no tricks.

  • Null-sequence

    noun, Mathematics. 1. a sequence that has zero as its limit.

  • Null-space

    [nuhl-speys] /ˈnʌlˌspeɪs/ noun, Mathematics. 1. the set of elements of a vector space that a given linear transformation maps to zero.

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