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[nuh-lip-er-uh] /nʌˈlɪp ər ə/

noun, plural nulliparae
[nuh-lip-uh-ree] /nʌˈlɪp əˌri/ (Show IPA). Obstetrics.
a woman who has never borne a child.
noun (pl) -rae (-ˌriː)
a woman who has never borne a child

1859, from medical Latin nullipara “female who has never given birth,” from nulli-, stem of nullus “no” (see null) + -para, fem. of parus, from parere “to bring forth” (see pare) + -ous.

nullipara nul·lip·a·ra (nə-lĭp’ər-ə)
A woman who has never given birth.
nul·lip’a·rous (-rəs) adj.


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