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[noo-mer-uh l, nyoo-; noom-ruh l, nyoom-] /ˈnu mər əl, ˈnyu-; ˈnum rəl, ˈnyum-/

a word, letter, symbol, or figure, etc., expressing a number; number:
the Roman numerals.
of, relating to, or consisting of numbers or numerals.
expressing or noting a number or numbers.
a symbol or group of symbols used to express a number: for example, 6 (Arabic), VI (Roman), 110 (binary)
of, consisting of, or denoting a number

1520s, “word expressing a number,” from Middle French numéral (late 15c.), from Late Latin numeralis “of or belonging to a number,” from Latin numerus “a number” (see number (n.)). Meaning “figure standing for a number” is from 1680s. As an adjective, “expressing number,” from 1520s.
A symbol or mark used to represent a number.

A word or symbol used to represent a number.


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    noun 1. any notation for the representation of numerals or numbers.

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