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[nurl] /nɜrl/

noun, verb (used with object)
[nurl] /nɜrl/
a small ridge or bead, especially one of a series, as on a button for decoration or on the edge of a thumbscrew to assist in obtaining a firm grip.
a knur.
verb (used with object)
to make knurls or ridges on.
verb (transitive)
to impress with a series of fine ridges or serrations
a small ridge, esp one of a series providing a rough surface that can be gripped

“hard excrescence,” c.1600, probably a diminutive of Middle English knor “knot” (c.1400), related to gnarl, from Proto-Germanic *knur- (cf. German knorren “a knotty excrescence”). Related: Knurly.


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