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Nut up

verb phrase

To go crazy; go ape: He’ll just about nut up when you tell him that (1970s+ College students)


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  • Nut-weevil

    noun 1. any of several snout beetles of the genus Balaninus, the larvae of which live in and feed on nuts and acorns.

  • Nutwood

    [nuht-woo d] /ˈnʌtˌwʊd/ noun 1. any of various nutbearing trees, as the hickory or walnut. 2. the of such a tree. /ˈnʌtˌwʊd/ noun 1. any of various nut-bearing trees, such as walnut 2. the wood of any of these trees

  • Nuuk

    [noo k] /nʊk/ noun 1. a city in and the capital of Greenland, in the SW part. /nuːk/ noun 1. the capital of Greenland, in the southwest: the oldest Danish settlement in Greenland, founded in 1721. Pop: 14 350 (2004 est) Danish name (official name until 1979) Godthaab

  • Nu-value

    [noo-val-yoo, nyoo-] /ˈnuˌvæl yu, ˈnyu-/ noun, Optics. 1. .

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