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[nuht-pik] /ˈnʌtˌpɪk/

a thin, sharp-pointed table implement or device for removing the edible kernels from .


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  • Nut-pine

    noun 1. (def 1). noun 1. either of two varieties of the pine tree Pinus cembroides, of Mexico, Arizona, and California, having edible nuts

  • Nut-quad

    noun, Printing. 1. a quad one en wide; en quad.

  • Nutraceutical

    /ˌnjuːtrəˈsjuːtɪkəl/ noun 1. another name for functional food noun See functional food

  • NutraSweet

    [noo-truh-sweet, nyoo-] /ˈnu trəˌswit, ˈnyu-/ Trademark. 1. a brand of aspartame used in a low-calorie sweetener and in other processed foods, as soft drinks.

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