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Nutrient artery of femur

nutrient artery of femur n.
Either of two arteries, superior and inferior, arising from the first and third perforating arteries, respectively, or sometimes from the second and the fourth arteries.


Read Also:

  • Nutrient artery of fibula

    nutrient artery of fibula n. An artery with its origin in the peroneal artery, with distribution to the fibula.

  • Nutrient artery of humerus

    nutrient artery of humerus n. An artery with its origin in the deep brachial artery and with distribution to the medullary cavity of the humerus.

  • Nutrient canal

    nutrient canal n. A canal in the shaft of a long bone or in other locations in irregular bones through which the nutrient artery enters.

  • Nutrient cycle

    noun the cycle of biological and chemical elements and compounds in specific patterns through substances in an ecosystem; the uptake, use, release, and storage of nutrients by plants and their environments Word Origin 1947

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