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crazy: This city is nutsville (1980s+)


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  • Nutsy

    [nuht-see] /ˈnʌt si/ adjective, nutsier, nutsiest. 1. (defs 3, 4). adjective Crazy; nutty: I have to keep up with 29 (mostly nutso) ballot initiatives/ drove each other nutsy with crashing self-confidence (first form 1975+, second 1923+)

  • Nutted

    [nuht] /nʌt/ noun 1. a dry fruit consisting of an edible kernel or meat enclosed in a woody or leathery shell. 2. the kernel itself. 3. Botany. a hard, indehiscent, one-seeded fruit, as the chestnut or the acorn. 4. any of various devices or ornaments resembling a nut. 5. a block, usually of metal and […]

  • Nutter

    [nuht-er] /ˈnʌt ər/ noun 1. a person who gathers . 2. British Slang. an insane person. /ˈnʌtə/ noun 1. (Brit, slang) a mad or eccentric person n. “one who gathers nuts,” late 15c., from nut + -er (1). Meaning “crazy person” is British slang, 1958, from nut + -er (3). Nuttery “mental hospital” is attested […]

  • Nuttiness

    [nuht-ee] /ˈnʌt i/ adjective, nuttier, nuttiest. 1. abounding in or producing nuts. 2. nutlike, especially in flavor. 3. Slang. 4. full of flavor or zest; lively; stimulating; meaty: He offered several rich, nutty ideas on the subject. /ˈnʌtɪ/ adjective -tier, -tiest 1. containing or abounding in nuts 2. resembling nuts, esp in taste 3. a […]

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