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[ni-stag-muh s] /nɪˈstæg məs/

a congenital or acquired persistent, rapid, involuntary, and oscillatory movement of the eyeball, usually from side to side.
involuntary movement of the eye comprising a smooth drift followed by a flick back, occurring in several situations, for example after the body has been rotated or in disorders of the cerebellum

medical Latin, from Greek nystagmos “nodding, drowsiness,” from nystazein “to nod, be sleepy,” from PIE *sneud(h)- “to be sleepy.”

nystagmus nys·tag·mus (nĭ-stāg’məs)
A rapid, involuntary oscillatory motion of the eyeball.
nys·tag’mic (-mĭk) or nys·tag’moid’ (-moid’) adj.


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