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Oak-apple day

(in Britain) May 29, the anniversary of the Restoration (1660), formerly commemorated by the wearing of oak apples or oak leaves, recalling the Boscobel oak in which Charles II hid after the battle of Worcester


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  • Oak-creek

    noun 1. a town in SE Wisconsin.

  • Oakdale

    [ohk-deyl] /ˈoʊkˌdeɪl/ noun 1. a town in E Minnesota.

  • Oaked

    /əʊkt/ adjective 1. relating to wine that is stored for a time in oak barrels prior to bottling

  • Oaken

    [oh-kuh n] /ˈoʊ kən/ adjective 1. made of : the old oaken bucket. 2. of or relating to the tree. /ˈəʊkən/ adjective 1. made of the wood of the oak adj. “made of, or consisting of, oak,” late 12c., from oak + -en (2).

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