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on a totally unrelated subject


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  • OAU

    1. . abbreviation 1. the former Organization of African Unity (now called the African Union) Organization of African Unity

  • Oaus

    on an unrelated subject

  • Oaxaca

    [wuh-hah-kuh; Spanish wah-hah-kah] /wəˈhɑ kə; Spanish wɑˈhɑ kɑ/ noun 1. a state in S Mexico. 36,375 sq. mi. (94,210 sq. km). 2. a city in and the capital of this state, in the central part. /wəˈhɑːkə; Spanish oaˈxaka/ noun 1. a state of S Mexico, on the Pacific: includes most of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec; […]

  • Oaxaca cheese

    noun a Mexican cow’s-milk cheese; also called asadero cheese , Chihuahua cheese See asadero cheese Word Origin cooking

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