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noun (pl) -ries
(Christianity) the holder of any monastic office under the superior


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  • Obediently

    [oh-bee-dee-uh nt] /oʊˈbi di ənt/ adjective 1. or willing to ; complying with or submissive to authority: an obedient son. /əˈbiːdɪənt/ adjective 1. obeying or willing to obey adj. c.1200, from Old French obedient “obedient” (11c.), from Latin oboedientem (nominative oboediens), present participle of oboedire “to obey” (see obey). Related: Obediently.

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    noun 1. .

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    [oh-beyd] /oʊˈbeɪd/ noun 1. . [el oh-beyd] /ˌɛl oʊˈbeɪd/ noun 1. a city in the central Sudan: Egyptian army defeated by Mahdist forces 1883. /ɛl əʊˈbeɪd/ noun 1. a city in the central Sudan, in Kordofan province: scene of the defeat of a British and Egyptian army by the Mahdi (1883). Pop: 423 000 (2005 […]

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    [oh-bey-suh ns, oh-bee-] /oʊˈbeɪ səns, oʊˈbi-/ noun 1. a movement of the body expressing deep respect or deferential courtesy, as before a superior; a bow, curtsy, or other similar gesture. 2. deference or homage: The nobles gave obeisance to the new king. /əʊˈbeɪsəns; əʊˈbiː-/ noun 1. an attitude of deference or homage 2. a gesture […]

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