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A superset of Oberon-1, developed by H. Moessenboeck in 1991 to add object-orientation. Oberon-2 was a redesign of Object Oberon. It included type-bound procedures (equivalent to methods), read-only export of variables and record fields, open array variables, and a “with” statement with variants. It reintroduced the “for” statement.
There is an Oberon-2 Lex scanner and Yacc parser by Stephen J Bevan of Manchester University, UK, based on the one in the Mo”ssenbo”ck and Wirth reference. Version 1.4.
[“The Programming Language Oberon-2”, H. Mo”ssenbo”ck, N. Wirth, Institut fu”r Computersysteme, ETH Zu”rich, January 1992].
[“Second International Modula-2 Conference”, Sept 1991].


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