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[oh-bit for 1; oh-bit, ob-it for 2, 3; especially British ob-it for 1–3] /oʊˈbɪt for 1; ˈoʊ bɪt, ˈɒb ɪt for 2, 3; especially British ˈɒb ɪt for 1–3/

Informal. an obituary.
the date of a person’s death.
Obsolete. a Requiem Mass.
/ˈɒbɪt; ˈəʊbɪt/
noun (informal)
short for obituary
a memorial service

late 14c., “death,” from Middle French obit or directly from Latin obitus “death,” noun use of past participle of obire “to die,” literally “to go toward” (see obituary). In modern usage (since 1874) it is usually a clipped form of obituary, though it had the same meaning of “published death notice” 15c.-17c. The scholarly abbreviation ob. with date is from Latin obiit “(he) died,” third person singular of obire.


: This is not the obit page


An obituary, esp in a newspaper: getting left out of the pious obits in The Times (1874+)


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    adv. Latin, literally “by the way,” from ob “to, toward” (see ob-) + iter “journey” (see ion). Klein’s sources, however, say it is ob- with the suffix -iter in analogy of circiter “about” from circa. Also cf. obituary.

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