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Object value

In industrial design, a measure of consumers’ immediate desire for an object, even before they know or understand what it does. “Gassee may be nuts, but at least the BeBox has great object value.”


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  • Objectworks

    An object-oriented development environment developed by ParcPlace, available under Smalltalk and C++. (1994-10-28)

  • Object-world

    noun the world outside of oneself and one’s perception of the objects in it

  • Object z

    University of Queensland. [“Object Orientation in Z”, S. Stepney et al eds, Springer 1992].

  • Objet

    [awb-zhe dar] /ɔb ʒɛ ˈdar/ noun, plural objets d’art [awb-zhe dar] /ɔb ʒɛ ˈdar/ (Show IPA). French. 1. an object of artistic worth or curiosity, especially a small object. /ɔbʒɛ dar/ noun (pl) objets d’art (ɔbʒɛ dar) 1. a small object considered to be of artistic worth n. “an object on display, an ornament,” 1857, […]

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