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A product offering similar facilities to CodeCenter for the C++ language, plus class browsing facilities etc (formerly Saber-C++).


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  • Object chill

    [“Object CHILL – An Object Oriented Language for Systems Implementation”, J. Winkler et al, ACM Comp Sci Conf 1992, pp. 139-147]. (1995-01-31)

  • Object choice

    object choice ob·ject choice (ŏb’jĭkt, -jěkt’) n. In psychoanalytic theory, the object, usually a person, upon which an individual’s psychic energy is centered.

  • Object-code

    noun, Computers. 1. the machine-language output of a compiler or assembler that is ready for execution. object code (ŏb’jĭkt) The code produced by a compiler from the source code, usually in the form of machine language that a computer can execute directly. It may, however, be in assembly language, an intermediate code that is then […]

  • Object-code buffer overrun evaluator

    security, programming, tool (OBOE) A tool by R. Banfi, D. Bruschi, and E. Rosti for the automatic detection of buffer overflow vulnerabilities in object code. OBOE can be applied to operating system components as well as ordinary application programs. It was designed for the system administrator to identify vulnerable programs before they are exploited. Being […]

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