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Oblique diameter

oblique diameter n.
The diameter of the pelvic inlet from the sacroiliac joint of one side to the opposite iliopectineal eminence.


Read Also:

  • Oblique fault

    noun 1. a fault that runs obliquely to, rather than parallel to or perpendicular to, the strike of the affected rocks

  • Oblique fracture

    oblique fracture n. A fracture in which the line of break runs obliquely to the axis of the bone.

  • Oblique lie

    oblique lie n. An anatomical relationship in which the fetal axis crosses the maternal axis at an angle other than a right angle.

  • Obliquely

    [uh-bleek-lee, oh-bleek-; Military uh-blahyk-lee, oh-blahyk-] /əˈblik li, oʊˈblik-; Military əˈblaɪk li, oʊˈblaɪk-/ adverb 1. in an manner or direction.

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