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the navigation of a vessel on a point of the compass other than one of the cardinal points.
a ship’s movement on a course that is not due north, south, east, or west


Read Also:

  • Oblique-section

    noun 1. a representation of an object as it would appear if cut by a plane that is other than parallel or perpendicular to its longest axis.

  • Oblique-slip fault

    noun 1. a fault on which the movement is along both the strike and the dip of the fault

  • Oblique stroke

    character “/”. Common names include: (forward) slash; stroke; ITU-T: slant; oblique stroke. Rare: diagonal; solidus; over; slak; virgule; INTERCAL: slat. Commonly used as the division operator in programming, and to separate the components in Unix pathnames, and hence also in URLs. Also used to delimit regular expressions in several languages. (1996-09-24)

  • Oblique-triangle

    noun 1. any triangle that does not have a right angle (contrasted with ).

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