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[oh-boh] /ˈoʊ boʊ/

a woodwind instrument having a slender conical, tubular body and a double-reed mouthpiece.
(in an organ) a reed stop with a sound like that of an oboe.
(a word formerly used in communications to represent the letter O.)
[oh-boh] /ˈoʊ boʊ/
noun, (sometimes initial capital letter)
a navigation system utilizing two radar ground stations that measure the distance to an aircraft and then radio the information to the aircraft.
a woodwind instrument of the family that includes the bassoon and cor anglais, consisting of a conical tube fitted with a mouthpiece having a double reed. It has a penetrating nasal tone. Range: about two octaves plus a sixth upwards from B flat below middle C
a person who plays this instrument in an orchestra: second oboe

1724, from Italian oboe, from phonetic spelling of Middle French hautbois (itself borrowed in English 16c. as hautboy), from haut “high, loud, high-pitched” (see haught) + bois “wood” (see bush (n.)). So called because it had the highest register among woodwind instruments. Related: Oboist.

A woodwind instrument played with a double reed; similar to a bassoon, but pitched higher. Some describe its tone as nasal.

Note: The oboe appears frequently as a solo instrument in symphonies and other kinds of classical music.

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