[ahl-vah-raw] /ˈɑl vɑ rɔ/ (Show IPA), 1880–1928, Mexican general and statesman: president 1920–24.
Historical Examples

How should our p. 14readers have perused the scarce book of the life and adventures of obregon?
A Supplementary Chapter to the Bible in Spain George Borrow

The validity of the piece of paper that Mr. Hughes demanded of obregon would rest upon international law.
Behind the Mirrors Clinton W. Gilbert

In 1760, a poor man named obregon, a Spaniard, began to explore a new vein.
Mexico Susan Hale

General obregon, says an unofficial message, has been elected President of Mexico.
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 159, September 15, 1920 Various

That you are an assassin sent by that horrible President obregon?
The Radio Boys on the Mexican Border Gerald Breckenridge

obregon’s victories in 1915 drove Villa back to his old hunting grounds.
Woodrow Wilson’s Administration and Achievements Frank B. Lord and James William Bryan

That guy obregon has promised to let all the refugees come back free and easy if he is elected, and no questions asked.
Eve to the Rescue Ethel Hueston

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