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a military training area having obstacles, as hurdles, ditches, and walls, that must be surmounted or crossed in succession.
Informal. an event, situation, course of action, or the like that presents many challenges or difficulties.


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  • Obstacle-race

    noun 1. a foot race in which the contestants are prevented in a specific way from covering the full course at top speed, as by having hurdles to jump, sacks enclosing the legs, or potatoes to pick up. noun 1. a race in which competitors have to negotiate various obstacles

  • Obstante

    [nohn ohb-stahn-te; English non ob-stan-tee] /noʊn oʊbˈstɑn tɛ; English nɒn ɒbˈstæn ti/ preposition, Latin. 1. .

  • Obstet.

    1. . 2. . abbreviation 1. obstetric(s) 1. obstetric 2. obstetrics

  • Obstetric

    [uh b-ste-tri-kuh l] /əbˈstɛ trɪ kəl/ adjective 1. of or relating to the care and treatment of women in childbirth and during the period before and after delivery. 2. of or relating to childbirth or . Abbreviation: OB, ob. /ɒbˈstɛtrɪk/ adjective 1. of or relating to childbirth or obstetrics adj. 1742, from Modern Latin obstetricus […]

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