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Obstetrical forceps

obstetrical forceps n.
Forceps used for grasping and pulling on or rotating the fetal head. The blades are introduced individually into the vaginal canal and joined after being placed in correct position.


Read Also:

  • Obstetrical hand

    obstetrical hand n. See accoucheur’s hand.

  • Obstetrical paralysis

    obstetrical paralysis n. See birth palsy.

  • Obstetric conjugate

    obstetric conjugate n. The shortest pelvic diameter through which the fetal head must pass during birth, measured from the promontory of the sacrum to a point a few millimeters from the top of the pubic symphysis.

  • Obstetric conjugate of outlet

    obstetric conjugate of outlet n. The conjugate of outlet when the coccyx has been displaced backward.

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