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Obturator canal

obturator canal n.
An opening through which the obturator nerve and vessels pass from the pelvic cavity into the thigh.


Read Also:

  • Obturator crest

    obturator crest n. A ridge that extends from the pubic tubercle to the acetabular notch, giving attachment to the pubofemoral ligament of the hip joint.

  • Obturator foramen

    obturator foramen n. A large oval or irregularly triangular aperture in the hipbone.

  • Obturator hernia

    obturator hernia n. A hernia through the obturator foramen.

  • Obturator nerve

    obturator nerve n. A nerve that arises from the second, third, and fourth lumbar nerves in the psoas muscle, enters the thigh through the obturator canal, and supplies the muscles and skin on the medial side of the thigh.

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