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[oh-boo-do] /ˈoʊ bʊ dɒ/

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[boo-duh-pest, boo-duh-pest; Hungarian boo -do-pesht] /ˈbu dəˌpɛst, ˌbu dəˈpɛst; Hungarian ˈbʊ dɒˌpɛʃt/
a city in and the capital of Hungary, in the central part, on the Danube River: formed 1873 from two cities on the W bank of the Danube (Buda and Obuda) and one on the E bank (Pest)
/ˌbjuːdəˈpɛst; Hungarian ˈbudɔpɛʃt/
the capital of Hungary, on the River Danube: formed in 1873 from the towns of Buda and Pest. Traditionally Buda, the old Magyar capital, was the administrative and Pest the trade centre: suffered severely in the Russian siege of 1945 and in the unsuccessful revolt against the Communist regime (1956). Pop: 1 719 342 (2003 est)

Hungarian capital, formed 1872 from merger of two cities on opposite shores of the Danube, Buda (probably from a word originally meaning “water”) + Pest, a Hungarian word meaning “furnace, oven, cove,” also in Slavic (cf. Russian pech’). Cf. Ofen, literally “oven,” the old German name for the place.
Budapest [(booh-duh-pest, booh-duh-pesht)]

Capital of Hungary and largest city in the country, located in north-central Hungary on both banks of the Danube River; the industrial, cultural, and transportation center of Hungary.


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