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Occlusion of pupil

occlusion of pupil n.
An opaque membrane closing the pupillary area.


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  • Occlusive

    [uh-kloo-siv] /əˈklu sɪv/ adjective 1. or tending to . 2. Phonetics. characterized by or having . noun, Phonetics. 3. a stop that is unreleased, as the p -sound in stop, or deviously released, as the k- sound in acme, acne, or action, the t- sound of catnip, the g- sound of pygmy or ugly. 4. […]

  • Occlusive dressing

    occlusive dressing n. A dressing that seals a wound from air or bacteria.

  • Occlusive ileus

    occlusive ileus n. Complete mechanical blocking of the lumen of the intestine.

  • Occlusive meningitis

    occlusive meningitis n. Leptomeningitis causing occlusion of the spinal fluid pathways.

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