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[ok-yuh-puh n-see] /ˈɒk yə pən si/

noun, plural occupancies.
the act, state, or condition of being or becoming a tenant or of living in or taking up quarters or space in or on something:
Continued occupancy of the office depends on a rent reduction.
the possession or tenancy of a property:
You can have occupancy on June 1st.
the act of taking possession, as of a property.
the term during which one is an .
the condition of being :
Occupancy of the auditorium is limited to 1200 people.
the use to which property is put.
exercise of dominion over property that has no owner so as to become the legal owner.
noun (pl) -cies
the act of occupying; possession of a property
(law) the possession and use of property by or without agreement and without any claim to ownership
(law) the act of taking possession of unowned property, esp land, with the intent of thus acquiring ownership
the condition or fact of being an occupant, esp a tenant
the period of time during which one is an occupant, esp of property

1590s, “condition of being an occupant;” from occupant + -cy. Meaning “fact of occupying” is from 1833; that of “proportion of available space that is occupied” is attested by 1974.


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