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the branch of engineering that deals with the development of equipment and techniques for the exploration of the ocean floor and exploitation of its resources.


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  • Ocean-farming

    noun 1. . [mar-i-kuhl-cher] /ˈmær ɪˌkʌl tʃər/ noun 1. marine aquaculture. /ˈmærɪˌkʌltʃə/ noun 1. the cultivation of marine plants and animals in their natural environment

  • Ocean floor spreading

    noun 1. another term for sea-floor spreading

  • Oceanfront

    [oh-shuh n-fruhnt] /ˈoʊ ʃənˌfrʌnt/ noun 1. the land along the shore of an . adjective 2. pertaining to or located on such land: an oceanfront condominium.

  • Oceangoing

    [oh-shuh n-goh-ing] /ˈoʊ ʃənˌgoʊ ɪŋ/ adjective 1. (of a ship) designed and equipped to travel on the open sea. 2. noting or pertaining to sea transportation: oceangoing traffic.

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