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an oceangoing passenger ship, operating either as one unit of a regular scheduled service or as a cruise ship.


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  • Ocean-marine-insurance

    noun 1. insurance covering risks involving the transporting of persons or goods on the high seas.

  • Ocean of storms

    noun 1. the largest of the dark plains (maria) on the surface of the moon, situated in the second and third quadrant Also called Oceanus Procellarum (ˌəʊʃɪˈænəs ˌprəʊsɛˈlærəm)

  • Oceanogr.


  • Oceanographer

    [oh-shuh-nog-ruh-fee, oh-shee-uh-] /ˌoʊ ʃəˈnɒg rə fi, ˌoʊ ʃi ə-/ noun 1. the branch of physical geography dealing with the . /ˌəʊʃəˈnɒɡrəfɪ; ˌəʊʃɪə-/ noun 1. the branch of science dealing with the physical, chemical, geological, and biological features of the oceans and ocean basins noun See marine science n. 1886, agent noun from oceanography. n. 1859, […]

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