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[oh-kroid] /ˈoʊ krɔɪd/

yellow as ocher.


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    ochronosis o·chro·no·sis (ō’krə-nō’sĭs) n. A condition observed in certain patients with alkaptonuria and marked by pigmentation of cartilage and sometimes of other tissues. o’chro·not’ic (-nŏt’ĭk) adj.

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    [oh-ker] /ˈoʊ kər/ noun, adjective, verb (used with object), ochred, ochring. 1. . /ˈəʊkə/ noun 1. any of various natural earths containing ferric oxide, silica, and alumina: used as yellow or red pigments 2. verb 3. (transitive) to colour with ochre n. type of clayey soil (much used in pigments), late 14c., from Old French […]

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    [ok-uh-gem] /ˈɒk əˌgɛm/ noun 1. Johannes [yoh-hah-nuh s] /yoʊˈhɑ nəs/ (Show IPA), . /ˈɒkəˌɡɛm; Dutch ˈɔkəxəm/ noun 1. Johannes (joːˈhɑnəs), Jean d’ (ʒɑ̃ d), or Jan van (jɑn vɑn). ?1430–?95, Flemish composer Also Ockenheim (ˈɒkənˌhaɪm)

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