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noun, Carpentry.
a scale used in laying out octagonal figures of various sizes.


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  • Octahedral

    [ok-tuh-hee-druh l] /ˌɒk təˈhi drəl/ adjective 1. having the form of an . /ˌɒktəˈhiːdrəl/ adjective 1. having eight plane surfaces 2. shaped like an octahedron

  • Octahedrite

    [ok-tuh-hee-drahyt] /ˌɒk təˈhi draɪt/ noun, Mineralogy. 1. . /ˌɒktəˈhiːdraɪt/ noun 1. another name for anatase

  • Octahedron

    [ok-tuh-hee-druh n] /ˌɒk təˈhi drən/ noun, plural octahedrons, octahedra [ok-tuh-hee-druh] /ˌɒk təˈhi drə/ (Show IPA) 1. a solid figure having eight faces. /ˌɒktəˈhiːdrən/ noun (pl) -drons, -dra (-drə) 1. a solid figure having eight plane faces n. 1560s, from Greek oktahedron, neuter of oktahedros “eight-sided,” from okta- “eight” (see octa-) + hedra “seat” (see sedentary). […]

  • Octal

    [ok-tl] /ˈɒk tl/ adjective 1. Also, octonary. of or relating to the number system with base 8, employing the numerals 0 through 7. 2. relating to or encoded in an octal system, especially for use by a digital computer. 3. (of an electronic device) having eight pins in its base for electrical connections. noun 4. […]

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