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[ok-tam-er-uh s] /ɒkˈtæm ər əs/

consisting of or divided into eight parts.
Botany. (of flowers) having eight members in each whorl.
consisting of eight parts, esp (of flowers) having the parts arranged in groups of eight


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  • Octameter

    [ok-tam-i-ter] /ɒkˈtæm ɪ tər/ Prosody adjective 1. consisting of eight measures or feet. noun 2. Also, octometer. an octameter verse. /ɒkˈtæmɪtə/ noun 1. (prosody) a verse line consisting of eight metrical feet

  • Octan

    [ok-tuh n] /ˈɒk tən/ adjective 1. (of a fever) occurring every eighth day. noun 2. an octan fever. octan oc·tan (ŏk’tān’) adj. Occurring every eighth day. Used of a recurring fever.

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    [ok-tan-dree-uh s] /ɒkˈtæn dri əs/ adjective, Botany. 1. having eight stamens.

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    [ok-teyn] /ˈɒk teɪn/ noun, Chemistry. 1. any of 18 isomeric saturated hydrocarbons having the formula C 8 H 1 8 , some of which are obtained in the distillation and cracking of petroleum. 2. . /ˈɒkteɪn/ noun 1. a liquid alkane hydrocarbon found in petroleum and existing in 18 isomeric forms, esp the isomer n-octane. […]

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