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a person who makes artificial eyes

ocularist oc·u·lar·ist (ŏk’yə-lər-ĭst)
One skilled in the design, fabrication, and fitting of artificial eyes and in the making of prostheses associated with the appearance or function of the eyes.


Read Also:

  • Ocular larva migrans

    ocular larva migrans n. Visceral larva migrans involving the eyes, primarily of older children, and marked by decreased visual acuity and strabismus.

  • Ocular myopathy

    ocular myopathy n. A progressive muscular dystrophy of the external ocular muscles that begins with the gradual onset of ptosis.

  • Ocular tension

    ocular tension n. Resistance of the tunics of the eye to deformation, estimated digitally or measured by a tonometer.

  • Ocular vertigo

    ocular vertigo n. Vertigo due to refractive errors or imbalance of the extrinsic muscles of the eye.

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