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odynophagia o·dyn·o·pha·gia (ō-dĭn’ə-fā’jə, -jē-ə)
See dysphagia.


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  • Odynophobia

    noun a fear of pain Word Origin Greek ‘pain’

  • Odynophonia

    odynophonia o·dyn·o·pho·ni·a (ō-dĭn’ə-fō’nē-ə) n. Pain caused by using the voice.

  • Odyssean

    [od-uh-see] /ˈɒd ə si/ noun, plural Odysseys for 2. 1. (italics) an epic poem attributed to Homer, describing Odysseus’s adventures in his ten-year attempt to return home to Ithaca after the Trojan War. 2. (often lowercase) a long series of wanderings or adventures, especially when filled with notable experiences, hardships, etc. /ˈɒdɪsɪ/ noun 1. a […]

  • Odysseus

    [oh-dis-ee-uh s, oh-dis-yoos] /oʊˈdɪs i əs, oʊˈdɪs yus/ noun, Classical Mythology. 1. king of Ithaca; son of Laertes; one of the heroes of the Iliad and protagonist of the Odyssey: shrewdest of the Greek leaders in the Trojan War. /əˈdiːsɪəs/ noun 1. (Greek myth) one of the foremost of the Greek heroes at the siege […]

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