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/ˌiːstrəˈdaɪɒl; ˌɛstrə-/
the most potent oestrogenic hormone secreted by the mammalian ovary: synthesized and used to treat oestrogen deficiency and cancer of the breast. Formula: C18H24O2


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  • Oestrid

    oestrid oes·trid (ěs’trĭd) n. A botfly of the family Oestridae.

  • Oestrin

    /ˈiːstrɪn; ˈɛstrɪn/ noun 1. an obsolete term for oestrogen

  • Oestriol

    /ˈiːstrɪˌɒl; ˈɛstrɪ-/ noun 1. a weak oestrogenic hormone secreted by the mammalian ovary: a synthetic form is used to treat oestrogen deficiency. Formula: C18H24O3

  • Oestrogen

    /ˈiːstrədʒən; ˈɛstrə-/ noun 1. any of several steroid hormones, that are secreted chiefly by the ovaries and placenta, that induce oestrus, stimulate changes in the female reproductive organs during the oestrous cycle, and promote development of female secondary sexual characteristics n. see estrogen. oestrogen oes·tro·gen (ěs’trə-jən) n. Variant of estrogen.

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